Why Do Android Tablet Apps Suck So Much Compared to iPad Apps?

Right now, Android tablet apps don't belong in the same conversation as the iPad. As much hardware versatility as Android tablets offer (and there are a lot of great things!), the app situation in droidland is piss poor pitiful. Sascha Segan at PC Mag took a closer look at the app situation and compared the same app on Android and iPad next to each other.

The difference? Segan likens Android tablets app to WAP browsers that look better fit for Razrs and dumbphones than a tablet app. iPad apps? Better than smartphone apps, as tablet apps should be. Check out Segan's full report here where he compares more apps against each other. [PC Mag]


College Humor looks like a mobile website on Android and a full fledged experience on iPad.

Not all Android tablet apps have to suck though! The CNN app on Android tablets looks just as amazing and arguably works even better than the iPad. Where's the stuff like this?


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