Why Does This Car's GPS Mock French People?

Stereotypes: vicious, unfair, and hurtful. And perpetrated by malicious onboard guidance systems like this one, which assumes you're a Francophone just because you make the nasally laugh-moan of a Frenchman cliché. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, voiture vilain.


I've been to France, friends. And let me tell you—they don't make this noise in France. In cartoons, maybe. But in France? They greet you warmly, sell you fresh breads, and point eagerly at the abundance of astonishing art and architecture they've heaped upon themselves through their time as a civilization. They've accomplished things. Great things. Have they made mistakes as a nation? No more than anyone else. Do they deserve to be ridiculed by a rental car's GPS voiceover? No. Absolutely not. Let's take a stand and find this car and wag our fingers at it. [Daily What via Reddit]


There are two sets of people it's okay to make fun of: Southerners and the French. Being a Southerner, I have always found making fun of the French to be highly entertaining.