Smartphones and tablets are supposed to be mobile devices, but the freedom to watch movies on the go is apparently lost on many people.

A survey from Nielsen suggests people are more likely to watch streaming videos at home than in any other location. Over 74% watch video at home, while a measly 31% fire up YouTube on their daily commute. Why would you watch an eye-straining iPhone 4 video when you have a computer or HDTV in the same room?


It comes down to convenience, quality and data caps. It's easy to fire up YouTube on the iPad and watch a quick video during a commercial. Much easier than launching some YouTube widget on your TV.

Video quality is also better at home than on the bus. Anyone who has tried to watch a video over 3G knows the pain of jerky playback and dropped connections. It's just not worth it.


There's also the issue of 3G/4G data caps. If you watch a lot of video, you could easily exceed that 2GB data cap and find yourself in a world of hurt the next time your cellular bill hits your mailbox. [AllThingsD]