Why Old Gadgets Look Like Your Dog Peed on Them

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Your Commodore 64 may be aging like a fine wine, but it probably doesn't look like it. And that weird brownish-yellow hue it's taken on over the years isn't from all the Marlboros you went through in the 80s.

As Tested explains, The plastic used in most old electronics, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), is flammable and has to be mixed with flame retardants so it doesn't, you know, catch on fire. These chemicals almost always include bromine, which breaks down over time and oxidizes producing pee yellows and cigarette-smoke browns.

There are ways to get rid of it though! Head over to Tested to learn the secret solution to make your old gadgets look more classic and less sad. [Tested, Image via Photo: Shutterstock]