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Why Online Reviews Make Shopping Impossible

Illustration for article titled Why Online Reviews Make Shopping Impossible

Remember back when every time you went shopping you didn't bring the entire internet with you to weigh in? Those were good times! But now, good luck buying something as simple as an folding chair; there's a better than decent chance that it agitated Amazon reviewer oswego13's sciatic nerve. You don't know what that means, but you definitely don't want it in your house. [xkcd]


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I had this same issue with books on Amazon. It wasn't so much the trolls as people who didn't have the same tastes I did. For awhile I refused to purchase books that didn't have less than 4.5 stars. Then a friend told me how much they thought The Hunger Games sucked and I realized that if I had read her critique on Amazon I wouldn't have read it and would have missed out. Still, it is tough to figure out the crazy people who nitpick every aspect of the book and the people who just read the book for enjoyment.