Why Sell Your Giant AT-ST Walker? Because Your Girlfriend Is Sick of It

Last Saturday, we told you about how there's a gigantic AT-ST Walker for sale on Ebay right now. It's still there, but why sell such a masterpiece in the first place? Because your girlfriend is freakin' sick of having it around.

The AT-ST's owner, Martin Fillery, explained the situation to the Daily Mail:

I think my girlfriend is starting to get a bit worried about me. I've always been a bit mad, and I love sci-fi stuff, but my spending on props is going through the roof. ...The Scout Walker is amazing, but I realised pretty quickly that it was just too big to use as on stage, so I'm selling it so I can get more toys.


Those toys he's got his eye on? A batmobile and the ambulance from Ghostbusters. Seems like something of a lateral move, but what do I know; I've never owned an AT-ST.

But the moral of the story is: she's probably right. [The Daily Mail, Metro via Fark]

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