Why U.S. Gets the Gadget Shaft from Overseas Manufacturers

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Every wonder why a lot of the coolest tech and gadgets happen to be available overseas in Asia and Europe? Also wonder why said cool gadgets never make it to the states? Well, there are a few unique reasons.

A lot of the reasoning behind keeping Japan's gadgets in Japan and such lies within the manufacturer. They like to keep their gadgets in their own country to discover problems before exporting, and a lot of the time bringing something over to the States requires jumping through hoops, which isn't always financially sound for the manufacturer. The patent laws are very different over here in the US, and new products have to get the anal-rape approval from the FCC before selling over here.


The higher-speed wireless networks in Japan and Europe also explain why they have more unique cellphones than us in the States. Follow the linkage below to get the full rundown on why some of the best gadgets overseas never see the light of day here in the good ol' US of A.

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