Why Was Nearly Every Yahoo Search Suddenly Resulting in Porn?

Uh oh! Something very odd and naughty is going on over at Yahoo right now. Any searches which result in thumbnails will wind up showing you an unrelated and rather pornographic image.

To see what happens for yourself, all you have to do is this:

  1. Head over to the Yahoo search page
  2. Search for something which will produce image thumbnails in the results (such as "kitten photos" or "iphone 4 images")
  3. Click on the first (and seemingly normal) thumbnail in the results
  4. Cover any innocent eyes

Now, do we consider this a bug or a feature? [Thanks, Adam and Dmitry!]

Update: It seems that regular searches are no longer resulting in image thumbnails which makes us think that Yahoo has acted very quickly in order to put an end to this fun. We'll inquire about what happened and update you if we find out.


Their page has been wonky all day, but I didn't get any porn. I feel ripped off somehow.....