Why We Still Want To See Superhero Movies That Make Us Laugh

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Superhero movies have definitely taken a turn towards the dark lately — but that doesn't mean we still don't love the superhero movies that manage to pull off a truly herculean task: making us laugh.


In response to the news that DC's upcoming superhero movie deluge could be killing off the funny, several commenters began talking about the superhero movie moments that made them laugh, and just why they were so important.

Some commenters pointed out that, even in the classic example of gritty superhero crime drama, there was also plenty of room for comedy:


Another thing that everyone seems to forget is that, believe it or not, the nolan films DID HAVE HUMOR...pretty dark humor at some points ("And...it's gone!"), but humor nonetheless...BB had plenty of humor between Alfred and Bruce ("you can borrow the rolls if you'd like, just bring it back with a full tank"); Dark Knight had, among other things, Lucius Fox's great "...and you want to blackmail this person??" moment, and tell me you didn't laugh out loud when the joker, in his nurse getup and harvey dent pin, made that face and said "hiiii"; even dark knight rises had the moment on the rooftop where selina kyle bails on bats, and he responds - "so that's what that feels like." I hate how selective most people's memories are...sigh...


B-but the Nolan movies had jokes in it. Funny jokes. The banter between Alfred and Bruce is amazing!

"I suppose they'll lock me up as well. As your accomplice...

"Accomplice? I'm going to tell them the whole thing was your idea."

See? That's funny. I laughed. I mean, what's the plan here? To not have a humorous, snide, and sarcastic Lois Lane? I mean, for f$%k sake, LOOK AT YOUR OWN CARTOON UNIVERSE! One of the most appealing things about the original DCAU was the dialog between Batman & Superman.

"I'm needed back in Metropolis.

"Another key to the city?"

While other commenters noted that, even without a lead character who could double as a stand-up, a movie could still be pretty funny:


Sure, Guardians had a lot of jokes, but The Incredible Hulk had what, one or two (counting Stan Lee cameo as a joke)? Winter Soldier had some snarky comments, but jokes? I don't know, even the Justice League animation episode about Shazam is a pretty serious and dramatic one.


I think there are plenty of opportunities for organic levity that don't feel like a joke. Most of the DC superheroes that are going to be revealed shouldn't really be telling jokes (Flash is an exception), but it would be insane for WB to decree "no jokes," let alone "no humor."

So, what's your opinion? Do you have any great moments in superhero comedy that you want to share? Call out some of your favorites in the comments now.



Nolan's Bat-films have also had some of the worst "jokes" in cinema. "It's a black... tank!"

DC has really missed the boat with Batman's humor. He actually does tell jokes, especially in the Animated Series and JLA. But Batman is the "straight man" in the comedy. He's so serious all the time you have to laugh at him. The Lego Movie got this right - and its a big reason why Lego Batman and Will Arnett stole the show.

And, I have a feeling, they will miss the boat yet again in the new film. Take this ICONIC Batman moment for instance.

Does anybody think thats a joke DC wants to include? Doubtful. Because, first and foremost, DCMU doesnt even know their own characters.