Why You Should Never Ever Post Your Mom's Photo on a Message Board

The internet is a cruel place. We're all pretty well caught up on that by now, yes? More so, anyhow, than this unfortunate LSU Tigers fan, who asked a message board at Tigerdroppings to fix up a picture of his blessed mum. You can probably guess what happened next.

The torrent of Photoshops and gifs was unrelenting; everything from the Mona Lisa to Austin Powers to *SIGH* adult film posters. You can wade through the full thing here—or just the highlight reel here—and hey, if you're feeling ambitious, add your own. But know, too, that it's not all digital harassment. Here's the mom's picture, made tastefully pretty by our own Joe Brown:


You're welcome, unsavvy message board poster! [Tigerdroppings via Uproxxx]

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