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Wi-Fi Bunny 2.0: "You Are Blind and Your Dog Is Dead"

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Wi-Fi Bunny technology is running rampant, reproducing itself at an alarming rate. First, it was the Wi-Fi Bunny known as Nabaztag, an ambient awareness device which notified you of incoming e-mail, heavy weather or any other variable you programmed into it. It told you of these niceties by blinking its little pulsating multicolored lights, wiggling its ears and making generally bothersome noises. Now this new version of the Internet-connected 9-inch-tall Wi-Fi Bunny has learned how to talk and sing, and will certainly annoy you to no end, reminding you that your stocks are dropping, you've got no mail, it's raining outside, you re blind and your dog is dead. Looking for some bunny-love via Wi-Fi? Shell out $114 for the privilege.


Nabaztag website [Via Shiny Shiny]

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