Wi-Fi Controller Lets You Operate Any RC Toy From Your iPhone

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If Toy Fair 2012 taught us anything, it's that there's a big demand for smartphone-controlled toys. And with Dension's new WiRC controller, even high-end RC vehicles can now be operated with a touchscreen.


The controller unit integrates with any RC vehicle, whether it be a car, boat, or plane, creating a wi-fi hotspot that allows your iPhone to connect and control up to eight different servos. And just like with an expensive high-end controller, it also allows you to tweak the sensitivity and trimming for the on-screen joysticks, or the iPhone's gyro if you want to use motion controls.

Come to think of it, the WiRC probably doesn't actually work that well with RC planes given the limited range of wi-fi networks. But it should work great with vehicles that stay on the ground. And thanks to a set of USB ports, the WiRC controller can also connect to an included compact webcam, broadcasting a live video and audio feed that can be monitored on your phone.


At $179 it certainly isn't a cheap upgrade, though, high-end RC enthusiasts are certainly used to spending lots of money on their hobby. But if had invested hundreds of dollars into an RC toy I'd be a little hesitant about relying on finicky touchscreen controls to operate it. [Dension via Hobby Media]

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There is a segment of smart phone owners that would like to control just about everything with their phone. I am sure a toilet flushing app is just around the corner. Personally, I cannot understand why you would want to replace precision controls with your phone - but, I don't understand the popularity of FarmVille, either.