Wi-Fi iPad 2 Records Better Audio Than 3G Model

iLounge conducted audio recording tests with the wi-fi and 3G iPad 2, discovering that the wi-fi version recorded cleaner audio. The explanation: the mic sits on top of the tablet, which means it's housed in the 3G iPad's plastic strip.

Perhaps due to this change in materials, the Wi-Fi model offers markedly cleaner audio than that of the 3G, which sounds slightly muffled and echo-prone as a result. Curiously, we found the GSM 3G model's audio to be slightly preferable to that of the CDMA model, which seemed to suffer the issues more severely.


[iLounge via 9to5mac]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I highly doubt this will influence anyone's opinion on which one to buy. No one is buying it to record stuff.