Wi-Fi-Only Nook "Lite" Coming Soon, Nook 2 To Follow

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We're told that Barnes & Noble will be revealing some new products later this year: Nook 2 ("Project Encore") and a Wi-Fi-only Nook Lite. Meanwhile, a software update that includes a full browser is supposed to hit next week.

Apparently both of the devices are due this year—we're told that the Nook Lite will be on sale by the end of the second quarter. And while there are no details on the next generation Nook, we are told that the Nook Lite will be a Wi-Fi-only device and sell for $199.

The Nook v1.4 software update is apparently going to be available for download over Wi-Fi next week and will include a browser. [Thanks, Tipster!]

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I just fail to understand how well a browser would work on eink (The Internet features colours for a reason, and it's not just video!) and if it's for the tiny, tiny LCD at the bottom... my iPhone has a higher pixel count.