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Wii Attracts Roaches Like Week-Old Pizza, Your White Trash Cousins?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Japanese entertainment rag BARKS is floating the idea that the Wii puts out a sound frequency that "calls out" to and attracts the dirty little creepy-crawlers—gokiburi, one of my favorite Japanese words, even though I hate roaches. It's probably bunk and (BARK admits it might be), but have any of you noticed your pad's become a roach motel despite maintaining the same standard of (un)cleanliness? The 360's bomb shelter-flattening fan would probably negate the effects if you're looking for a quick fix. Also!

I'm too lazy to translate the whole thing, but there's some fun anti-Chinese ribbing in one of the little conversations when his editorial department asks the writer if he's sure it's not a Chinese Vii that's attracting the roaches.


The dig's familiar to me, 'cause when I lived in a heavily Chinese neighborhood in Japan, I got to hear from locals (Japanese ones, obviously) all the time about how I'd get robbed by dirty Chinese indigents and my apartment would be bug-infested before I blinked despite my bleach-loaded OCD clean routine. Okay! Totally irrelevant personal anecdote over. [BARKS (and image) via Destructoid]