Dear Internet,

I know you are all excited over the HD Wii rumor. Have you not seen it yet? A "drunken" Nintendo employee revealed:

...the Wii GPU has full hi-def capabilities even if they are not exposed. The reason you don't see it is twofold, the fact that the console can't really push HD rez at reasonable frame rates and the fact that it would cost more.


Of course the Wii can produce HD images—just like I can crank any PC game to ridiculous 38472398479xinfinity resolution. The subsequent 4 fps gameplay is nothing short of astounding. If the Wii cannot actually provide HD gameplay, then it can't "do" HD. So let's all finally accept what we've known all along: we love the Wii, but it will never support HD. We pretended not to care at first, but we've found out we actually do.

Mark Wilson

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