Wii Getting Natal-Style Camera Motion Gaming, But Not From Nintendo

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The Wii will soon get camera-based, Project Natal-like motion sensing—at least for one fitness game—courtesy of Ubisoft. It's just too bad the "Your Shape" promo video had to come out today.

In many ways, Ubisoft's new solution is like a Project Natal Lite: it's a game accessory, not a system accessory; it tracks some motion, but not much; it uses your body more for feedback than actual game control. Relieved of context, it looks pretty great, even if it fuels criticism that the Wii is become less of a gaming system, and more of a personal health appliance. Now, though, everyone will look to Nintendo for an answer—any answer—to the awesome motion gaming tech we've seen from Sony and Microsoft in the last few days. This is what they'll see. [Gametrailers via Pocketlint]