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Wii: Hold on Tight, Best Non-Superbowl Commercial

Here is an extremely well-done Wii video, that you might take for an official Nintendo commercial until the, say, last 3 seconds. I caught up with the creator from Super 78 (a professional CGI movie company) and this is what he had to say about the clip:

I really love the Wii and I had been reading these stories about Wii controllers flying out of peoples hands. We had some down time at the office so I got together with one of the animators and I sketched out a storyboard of the spot. In the board the controller is this high energy maniac and the nun-chuck just wants to get away. So our most talented animator Michael Smith created this fun spot there is a lot of character...This was done by us, Super 78, using our own resources, no agency was involved, no money changed hands. I am hoping that you could post it so we can see if it catches fire.


Down time at the office? I could use some help on these posts, you know, when you aren't making kick ass Wiimovies.

Super 78

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DJ Squibbles

That was definitely a quality spot.

They should just go ahead and call Nintendo's PR department now. Barring that, they could receive a lot of money from Nintendo, post the video on YouTube, and pretend to be a couple totally hip kats trying to help you convince your parents to buy the Wii.

I'm sorry Sony fans, I had to!

/owns a PSP, borrowed a PS2... still had to do it