Wii Powerstation Charger and Battery Packs

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We don't know if it's the motion sensing or the Nunchuk two-for-one peripheral design, but the Wiimote's battery life is pretty miserable. The default Xbox 360 wireless controller's batteries lasted at least twice as long as the Wii's, forcing me to change batteries twice while going through Zelda. Now with Joytech's rechargeable Battery Pack, that's no longer a problem.


The Power Station has slots for two Wiimotes and two battery packs, plus a sort of docking device for your Nunchuks as well. The other side seems to be USB-compatible, so you can grab one of the PowerBlocks and charge this from any USB port—even the Wii's own USB ports.

The Power Station will be availalbe January 26 for $39.

Product Page [Gameseek via Video Games Blogger]

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