Wii Remote To Have Microphone, Do VoIP?

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We love being able to chat online during Xbox 360 games, but that headset is a pain on our oversized noggins. Imagine our glee when we heard that Nintendo's going to add a microphone to go along with the speaker in their Wii remote. What's the logical extension of their sensuous tech-mating ritual? VoIP.

And Nintendo's new patents describe exactly that, plus even using the remote/phone as part of a video call. No details were provided on a camera addon, though.

What does this mean to you? Well, most likely chatting while playing games over the Nintendo gaming service, and not, say, using Skype on the Wii. Though that would definitely be something. Other applications could be a Karaoke Revolution-type game or other games where you have to talk or make noises.


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