Wii60 Controls an Xbox 360 with a Wiimote

This was built a few months ago, but we just heard about it today courtesy of Jean-Luc Picard's ancestor Steve. The guy who made this hooked up an Xbox 360 to one of those XFPS adapters that let you use a mouse and keyboard on your 360, then hooked it up to a custom microcontroller using a Samsung Q1 UMPC, then hooked it up to a PC with Wiimote drivers, then connected a Wiimote to it. The result: an ability to control an FPS game on the 360 with the Wiimote and Nunchuk attachment. The best part is that the creator's documented the process so you can build your own if you really feel the need to play Halo with a Wiimote (and have money to buy a Samsung UMPC). [Live]


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This is really awesome, except for the fact that you could just stop at the mouse and keyboard part and have a lot more control.

The novelty aspect is very nice though :)