A reliable tipster says Best Buy plans to unleash at least 15 Nintendo Wii consoles at each of its brick-and-mortar locations on Sunday, January 21. Word has it there may even be from 35 to 45 consoles for sale at each location. However, when we contacted a Best Buy store manager in the area, he had no knowledge of any such shipment forthcoming, but said it certainly was a possibility since he'd received plenty of PS3 shipments lately but "no Nintendo Wii units in a long time."

Will Wii fanboys line up outside Best Buy stores coast-to-coast in hopes of scoring their favorite gaming console this Sunday morning? Maybe where you are, but here the Midwest, where temperatures are expected to be in the single digits on Saturday night, it seems unlikely. Around here, the Best Buy stores open at 11am on Sunday morning, so that would be a really long night.


Best Buy Holding Wiis For Sunday [Kotaku]