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Will.I.Am's New Video/BlackBerry Ad Shows the Price of Stealing Music

Illustration for article titled Will.I.Ams New Video/BlackBerry Ad Shows the Price of Stealing Music

Sure, Will.I.Am's "One More Chance" video looks like it was directed by RIM, what with it's huge BlackBerry billboard and a prominently featured Curve. But you know what? Everyone's gotta eat, and when we insist on BitTorrenting albums instead of buying them, we should expect this from musicians. Along with Jay-Z shilling beer and Bob Dylan peddling panties, Will found a way to continue making music in a climate of slumping record sales, and it only cost a little piece of his soul. Pirating music is the only choice for many of us today, whether it's out of convenience, cost, DRM or anything else, but we better be prepared to live with the consequence. BlackBerry ad down below. [CrackBerry]

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@bosskev: No really sometimes is the ONLY choice...i have been on that situation...desesperately trying to get an awesome album but not too much money on my i have to go for that option...of course that i try to get it legaly after.