Will Supernatural Season 6 Have Someplace Cool To Go?

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Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki told a U.K. convention that they're both on board for a sixth season, in spite of all the stuff they told Entertainment Weekly a while back. But would a sixth season actually rule?

Asked about whether he'd be on board for a sixth season, star Jensen Ackles told fans at Asylum 3 in Birmingham that "I have to. I have a six-year contract." And when people asked Jared Padalecki what he'd be doing after season five, he replied: "Supernatural Six. My best guess is that Supernatural will go beyond season five." The main hitch, though, is that creator Eric Kripke isn't contracted for a sixth season (and he seemed pretty vehement in that EW article that he doesn't want to do one.)

But assuming the CW can convince Kripke to come back for one more season, will the show still have some place interesting to go? After all, each succeeding season has raised the stakes and ramped up the intensity, to the point where season five will be about fighting Lucifer. Even Padalecki, who seems pretty gung ho, says he'll want to bail if the show loses its narrative drive in the sixth season. After just starring in an episode called "Jump The Shark," Padalecki doesn't want the show to jump the shark for real:

I was a huge fan of Lost - I'd never seen a drama series that I loved so much. But as I continued to watch it, it started to get complicated for the sake of being complicated. It could have been so complete, it could have just answered the questions that it asked as opposed to saying 'let's blow some stuff up and we'll figure it out later'. I don't want that to happen. If there's still a story to tell and still something for me to bring to the show as Sam Winchester, then absolutely.


Padalecki hinted that the relationship between the Winchester brothers would heal as a result of the revelations in the season five finale — but don't expect Sam to stop being dark 'n' demonic. Padalecki says Sam couldn't stay "the good brother" forever. [The Geek Files]