Will Terminator Salvation Be Good On DVD?

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While McG's Terminator Salvation may have broken hearts and failed at the box office when it was released in theaters in May, disappointed fans may want to check out the DVD anyway: It's the R-rated version we were originally promised.

UGO noticed that a recent email from the MPAA listed the DVD release of the movie as being rated R, with a note that "content is different from PG-13 version" (The R rating comes because of "some violence and brief nudity," apparently). McG had claimed the only stuff that got cut to make the movie PG-13 were a glimpse of Moon Bloodgood's breasts, and one brief moment of violence.


Whether or not this Director's Cut version will be make the movie any better is, of course, unknown at this time. But since the theatrical release seemed weirdly edited — as if some important scenes were either cut altogether or trimmed severely — it seems at least plausible that a longer DVD version might make a bit more sense. Here's hoping, anyway.

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