​Will The Frozen DVD/Blu-ray Release Finally Make The Madness Stop?

Illustration for article titled ​Will The Frozen DVD/Blu-ray Release Finally Make The Madness Stop?

So you went to see Disney's newest CG animated feature and enjoyed it. You thought it was cute, you liked the music, and when people started covering the songs and making fan art, you enjoyed that too. But it didn't stop! It never stops. Anyways, now you can buy it.


Frozen: Collector's Edition

Something tells me you've heard about this little indie flick, so the extras in clued: a making of featurette, a doc on how they adapted the Han Christian Anderson story, some music videos, deleted scenes, and more.

Saving Mr. Banks


The pleasant Disney version of how Walt made an adaptation of Mary Poppins that the author fucking loathed.

The Slumber Party Massacre


I believe there's some kind of slumber party, and all the girls end up… fine? I may be mistaken.



An indie/low-budget superhero movie based on a graphic novel apparently. Anyways, ti appears to be a mash-up of Heroes and Kick-Ass, but a bit more noir.

The Legend of Vajra


During World War II, Japan steals Chinese children and turns them into an assassin death cult. Shockingly, this plan goes awry when one kid escapes to protect the innocent.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame


The 1923 horror classic on Blu-ray. Unril you have a time machine, this is probably as great as it's ever going to look.

Justice League: War


DC/WB kindly releases a two-disc version of their animated movie a few weeks after the bare bones DVD release.

Sherlock Holmes: The Archive Collection Vol. 1


An extremely odd assortment of old Sherlock Homes and Holmes-related productions including little–seen adaptations, puppet shows, and even a burleqsue comedy.



What's really hilarious is that Frozen was number 9 at the theater this week, despite the impending Blu-Ray release tomorrow AND being available to purchase through digital services like iTunes, Xbox Video, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu. I don't think anything will make the madness stop.