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Win 7 Tip: WordPad Opens Word 2007 Docs

Illustration for article titled Win 7 Tip: WordPad Opens Word 2007 Docs

Good news cheap people! Windows 7's WordPad (Microsoft's free bundled word processing doc) now supports Office 2007/2008's XML-based Word docs.


The upside is that if you're just typing up really simple things, you don't need to actually buy (or pirate) a copy of Office. The downside is that WordPad only has limited support for these types of docs, and will present you with a warning that it'll strip out some extra content only supported in Word if you re-save. So don't overwrite your co-worker's meticulously prepared presentation with your notes on how she should "spice up those sales figures with more caliente language."

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Dont macs come with built in iLife, so that any user that buys it can work right out of the box?