Win a Zune: SlickrFrame Photo Contest Begins Today!

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We've gotten such an overwhelming response to our request for pics to go into Richard Felix's SlickrFrame, he's decided to make a contest out of it. We're teaming up with him to give away lots of prizes to the creators of the five best photos.


C'mon, show us your best shots! Certainly you can do better than that pic above, one of the best we've gotten so far. Just kidding. Upload your pictures you'd like to enter on the Flickr photo sharing site, tagged with the word "slickrframe," and you're in.


Richard will be the judge, going through all the entries and picking out the 20 finalists. Then, we'll all vote for our favorites right here at the Giz, where the top five vote-getters will be the prizewinners. Jump for the contest rules and fabulous prizes.

You have until 11:59:59, Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 to tag your best Flickr pictures with "slickrframe" for them to be considered. If you already have, you're already entered!

Do not tag more than 50 of your photos without emailing Richard in advance to let him know that you are doing so. If you do, you'll be disqualified. He has to go through these pretty much by hand, and if a few people monopolize the tag, some great pictures are sure to be lost in the shuffle.

Keep tagging your best pictures with "slickrframe" as you add them to Flickr in the future. Richard plans to develop (or get someone else to develop) some SlickrFrame widgets for the Mac, Yahoo Widgets and even Vista, so everyone can get in on the fun!


For more details and a list of prizes including a Microsoft Zune and a Slingbox AV, visit Richard's Fresh Arrival site.

SlickrFrame Contest [Fresh Arrival]

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Slikrframe is a great idea. I am even more excited about going Mac - I have a few (original) iMacs (OS 9.x) - they're good as spares to get internet and thats about it. [] seems to sell them regularly for around $60 (some cheaper). Not many Wintel boxes go that cheap (not even the proverbial OLPC). And they can get a reasonably up-to-date browser from Opera (the rest are beyond end of life). And I've even color-coordinated them to the rooms.