Wind, Solar Recharge Tent Keeps Phones Juiced at Glastonbury Festival

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Glastonbury festivalgoers won't have to worry about not having enough juice in their cellphones, thanks to U.K. mobile company Orange's green cellphone charging stations. The freestanding tentpods draw their electricity from a wind generator and solar panels. With a peak power of 1Kw, the pod can charge up to 100 mobile phones per hour and stores unused energy in a battery bank. The tent also contains a fully functional weather station and a nifty panel that keeps track of power generated and consumed throughout the festival.

The new pod, an evolution from the Orange portable wind charger that debuted at Glastonbury 2007, will act as a trial in using renewable energy sources on a larger scale. If everything goes well, the technology will become a staple at "Chill n' Charge tents" in future festivals. The pod can be found within the Pennard Hill camping grounds at Worthy Farm in Somerset. [Slashphone]