Oh, the beeper-wearing, big-glasses-having software engineers that designed Windows 3.x never could have foreseen this: an industrious young Pole has installed the OS on his futuristic "Enn Ninety-Five" hand-held electronic voice paging device.

Technically the installation isn't native, but it runs pretty convincingly through the Symbian version of DOSbox. The process only took developer Marcin-PRV one day, and he has intentions to move forward with other OSes because, well, that's what he does. In its current state, 3.1 on the N95 is sort of usable.


The OS renders at the correct resolution and in color, there appears to be cursor control, and apps launch and run like they should. Text input is limited to numbers, because 3.1 wasn't exactly designed with, you know, T9 compatibility in mind. The developer thinks he might also be able to replicate his experiment with Windows 95—the only holdup, he says, is the N95's low resolution. [OSNews via Engadget]

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