Windows 8 Is Going to Have Some Super Sweet Password Management Features

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Services like 1Password and LastPass are life changers, you sign in with one master password and the app logs you into everything. No need to remember how many symbols and alphanumeric codes you've used. No need to remember 312 different passwords. Well, Windows 8 is going to have the same awesome password management built in.

With Windows 8, all you need to remember is your Live password and Microsoft will handle the rest. Microsoft explains how the password management feature works:

When you store credentials in conjunction with signing in to Windows with your Windows Live ID, Windows enables you to set your password for each account to something that is both complex and unique; since Windows 8 will automatically submit the credential on your behalf, you'll never need to remember it yourself. If you need to see the actual password at some point later, you can view it in the credential manager shown here, from any of your Trusted PCs.


The service can sync across different computers and presumably (eventually? hopefully?) sync to other Windows devices like tablets and Windows Phone. People who've used services like 1Password swear by it so it's good to see Microsoft build it into the OS. [Microsoft via The Verge]