Windows 8 Pro Is Your Preorder-The-Future-Of-Computing Deal of the Day

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Although you probably shouldn't preorder Microsoft's Surface tablet, that doesn't mean you shouldn't upgrade your existing machines to Windows 8. It's coming on October 26—they've already even spotted it on store shelves. It will improve your computing experience: Windows 8 brings a slick new interface, gestures to your desktop or laptop, and some nice performance boosts. It's going to be the most used operating system in the world, and since you can't fight the blocky-and-colorful future, you might as well get on board.


Unlike Apple, Microsoft doesn't quite have the whole mass-upgrade thing down. There are so many different legacy versions and current versions of Windows that most people only upgrade their OS when they get a new computer. What this means for you is that Microsoft, in an effort to get as many people on to Windows 8 as possible, is making it cheap to upgrade. Microsoft did a similar upgrade program with Windows 7, but a few months after it came out the deals disappeared and people who waited were stuck with $100 or more for an upgrade. So the time to buy Windows 8 is soon.

Microsoft is offering Windows 8 Pro shipped for $70. Amazon's offering the same product, but with $30 of Amazon Credit—which is clearly a better deal. There's always something you want on Amazon (see below). There's an downloadable upgrade for $40, but that doesn't come with a disk, and on release day the servers are going to be pounded with huge downloads. With this deal, you can get a full retail copy of Windows 8 for basically the same price, and then get something nice for yourself.


This deal is so good that Amazon sometimes turns it off. So if you're not seeing Windows 8 Pro being sold by Amazon, come back in 20 minutes. It could very well be back. [Amazon]

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I was under the impression that the $70 Win8Pro being sold here is the Upgrade version, not the full one. Sure, you can do a clean install from it, but the only way to use it going forward is to already have a version of Windows installed; is that not right?