Walmart Is Selling Windows 8 a Week and a Half Early, Apparently (Updated)

Put that back! This wasn't the plan! BALLMER IS GOING TO BLOW UP SOMEONE'S HOUSE! Because: according to the Verge, at least one Walmart is already selling copies of Windows 8 Pro for $70. Just out on display, for anyone to buy.

Windows 8 isn't due out until October 26th, but the employees are apparently telling people that the copies are for sale, and Walmart just isn't promoting them yet. Which, you know, not actually how that's supposed to work. This one will probably get shut down quickly, but it's a good bet other stores will bone up the release date too. This is the first we've seen, though! [Verge]


Update: Microsoft tells us that even if an early copy does get to the checkout line, you can't actually buy the software yet.

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