Go Get OS X Mountain Lion Right Now (Updated)

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After months of tantalizing beta teases, Apple's latest OS X refresher is now available for download in the Mac App Store. The 4.05GB update will cost you an entirely reasonable $20, and features improvements like a new Notification Center, Twitter baked in throughout, and dictation that's pleasantly—and surprisingly—decent.


You can check out our full review here. But twenty bucks for a faster, smoother, more feature-filled Lion? Seems pretty worth it.

Update: As might be expected, some folks are reporting download errors. After the initial rush is over, things should go a lot smoother. [App Store]


Nothing to See Here!

Want to get, but don't want to risk anything going wrong.

I'll give it a week or two.

Don't know how I'm supposed to explain to my friends that I want them to iMessage me via my email...don't suppose Apple allow you to put your phone number into your Apple account? They could just text you a confirmation code.