Windows Mobile iPhone Edition: The Movie

If just seeing wasn't believing, here's a video that shows the Windows Mobile iPhone skin in action.


Most of the icons are just shortcuts to the equivalent apps on Windows Mobile, but the most impressive thing must be the screensaver and the scrolling. The screensaver lets you whisk your finger to the right to unlock the phone, and the scrolling mimics the finger scrolling on the iPhone. A nice stopover between now and June for those who really can't wait.

Watch the iPhone interface running on a Pocket PC [Tech Digest - Thanks Jacob!]


i didnt see the visual voicemail feature - i also didnt see the thumb keyboard - or that nifty screen that flips into landscape mode when you turn it - or any sort of video playback - im guessing thats because if you put a few movie files onto it, you wouldnt have room for anything else - because it doesnt have an 8 gig capacity

and although the scrolling part looked pretty nifty - it didnt function at all - it was still "under development"

finally - from the looks of it - this thing only holds jojo songs - "leave, get out..."

i can take a piece of cardboard and fashion it into something that looks like the iphone but didnt have any of the functionality - would that still discount the iphones innovation?