Every Windows Phone 7 user will get access to a free site called Windows Phone Live. It'll be a portal to your phone in the cloud, a place to do everything from viewing uploaded media to remote wiping your phone.

We don't have a ton of information yet on the Windows Phone Live site (sorry, not even pretty pictures!). But here are the key features Microsoft has mentioned thus far:

• View published photos (and videos?)
• Look up Windows Live calendar and contacts
• Exchange OneNote files (and other phone/web data)
• Find My Phone (map, ring, lock and erase your phone from the web)
• 25GB of storage


It seems like the evolution of MyPhone. And like we said, there are no subscription fees for the service as there are with MobileMe. It's free with purchase, just like BlackBerry Protect. [Windows Phone Blog via Engadget]

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