Windows RT Tablets Are Destined To Be Expensive

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The Metro UI on Windows 8 looks amazing, and should be incredibly well-suited for use on tablets in its Windows RT guise. It will, however, cost you if you want to give it a try.

VR-Zone is reporting that Microsoft is planning to charge OEMs an average of $85 per Windows RT install. Compare that to the cost of an Android install—which is, um, free—and it's obvious that Windows tablets are going to struggle to compete on price.


In fact, VR-Zone also reports that those same OEMs have suggested that, at launch, Windows RT tablets will probably go for $550-800, with some high-end products reaching $900. For reference, the most expensive WiFi iPad is $700. All told, these rumored Windows tablet prices seem just a little bit too high to sell well. Let's wait and see. [VR-Zone]