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Windows SideShow Devices Run $80?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Word is, Windows SideShow devices will start at a reasonable 80 bucks.

According to chip manufacturer Winbond, SideShow devices will start at $80 with high end gadgets running up to about $150. Interestingly, the price isn't in the SideShow chipset, which runs a reasonable $10, but the LCD screen (which is the most expensive component in typical Sideshow devices).

MK140 eChatter (pictured above) features realtime chat and text editing through Bluetooth. We're a bit confused as to whether this would be an $80 or $150 model.


MK 140 FM 'Fridge Magnet/Scribbler Device' seems to have similar functions to the eChatter, without the keyboard.


Both devices can sync and charge via USB and run for 16 hours before recharge. Sure... Still, we're thinking that if these SideShow devices can be both functional and inexpensive, Vista could have a major selling point beyond "Dell gave it to me with my new computer". Hit the link for more info.

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