Microsoft's new Surface tablets were announced with a whole bunch of hype, but the specs pf the things have been practically non-existent. Now, some details have come out about the Surface RT tablets, revealing that they'll not only be thinner and lighter than the iPad, but also play HD video for 13 consecutive hours.

For comparison, iPads tend to be about 652g and are 9.4mm thick. Granted, not all Surface RT tabs are going to be lighter and thicker than the iPad, but some of them will be. As for the dimensions, well, have a look for yourself:


We've also got some information about battery time. All Surface RT tablets will have something called "Connected Standby" mode. In this mode, the tablet will effectively be asleep, but will still devote the tiniest bit of power to downloading updates. In this mode, Surface RT tabs should be able to get by for 320 to 409 hours. If you're watching HD video, on the other hand, you can expect 8 to 13 hours of play.

There's still a lot to be revealed about the new Surface tablets, and even more mystery surrounding the elusive pro models. Still, if these specs turn out to be accurate, it looks like the model Microsoft has aimed at the iPad could live up to those high standards, at least as far as form factor is concerned. Everything else? Well, we'll have to wait and see. [wpcentral]