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Windows XP's Got Survival Skills: Will Ship Through 2010

Illustration for article titled Windows XPs Got Survival Skills: Will Ship Through 2010

Windows XP will outlive Vista at this rate: Originally slated to die on May 30, it's reported that HP at least will be allowed to ship computers with XP on them until April 30, 2010.


There are a few catches though: Microsoft is still (supposedly) ending mainstream support on April 14, and it's gonna cost you to downgrade (not as much as Lenovo charges, presumably).


It's possible that HP isn't the only one who's getting the extended rights to ship XP. But I have the feeling that maybe this, along with HP's computers being featured as the choice hardware in Microsoft's successful "Macs are expensive" ads are Microsoft's way of paying HP back for screwing it over in the "Vista Capable" debacle.

Oh, XP, when you do finally go, we will miss you. [AppleInsider via PC World]

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I've had my Thinkpad w/ Vista Business Ed. since September, now everytime I use my older desktop w/ XP I get frustrated. Vista really is the better OS if you have the right hardware, brings a lot more functionality to the table. I've never had any technical problems, can't remember having to restart to fix a freeze-up, or seeing a BSOD.