WineRatings+: Wine Info for the Oenophile and Wine Idiot Alike

I know people who buy wine based on the label design because they know nothing about wine. And by people I mean myself, which is what makes Wine Spectator's Wine Ratings+ app incredibly handy.

What does it do?

Gives you reviews of around 300,000 wines. Imparts you with a viticultural education by showing you how to taste, store, and even just talk about wine.


Why do we like it?

Think wine just tastes like... wine? This app will give you tasting notes, so you know when something tastes more like rope and when you're just tasting oak, or whatever hints you're picking up in a glass. Not sure if a bottle is any good? You can look it up on the vintage chart. There's plenty of free content inside, but you can pay $3/month to get access to even more vino ratings. Even if you're not an expert, you an at least fake it.


Download this app for:

The Best:

Wine ratings

The Worst:

This habit is expensive


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