Wink: Instantly Share Your Photos With Friends So They Stop Bugging You

Email me that photo. Hey don't forget to Facebook those pictures. That kind of nagging you hear over and over from your friends gets annoying. But if you all download Wink, then they no longer have a reason to beg you to post your pics.

What does it do?

One tap lets you instantly share a photo with the other people in it.

Why do we like it?

We're sharing all of our photos all the time anyway, so why not make it easier to pass off your pics to the people who really want them? And sometimes you take photos that are really funny, but just not Facebook appropriate, because you know, you have a job you'd like to keep and all. In that case, you can still laugh over a risque or blind drunk photo with your friends, without your boss seeing it. Or worse—your mother. [TheNextWeb]



Download this app for:

The Best:

Instant sharing

The Worst:

There's a surplus of photo apps

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