Wireless Onzo Smart Energy Kit Enables Portable Power-Nagging

Illustration for article titled Wireless Onzo Smart Energy Kit Enables Portable Power-Nagging

The Onzo Smart Energy Kit sure looks handy, providing to-the-second energy usage updates from anywhere in the house. It's UK-only, but there's nothing about its wireless display that we couldn't (or shouldn't) do right here in the US of A.

Not only can you take the display with you around the house to mind watts, you can also upload up to 10 years of historical energy use data to a web portal that issues more detailed information and conservation tips. If you're goal-oriented, you can the Smart Energy Kit to set a usage target and keep track of how you're stacking up.

I love the functionality, but would I ever use it? Actually, sure! If only to create elaborate betting scenarios with my housemates. And, you know, to help the environment and lower my energy bills and junk. [Onzo via UberGizmo]

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Hmm... I'll definitely be losing that amongst the other detritus of my office. Really, how often will I need this data that I can't drag my butt over to a wall panel somewhere in my house? I would take all the functions this promises in a fixed, un-losable spot.