Without a Paddle? Use a 35-Ton Excavator

Up shit creek without a paddle? Why not use a Zagreb Excavator, the perfect way to paddle that canoe, or in this case, a barge. This must have been a makeshift situation, because this can't be safe enough for everyday locomotion.

Think of it this way: excavators similar to that weigh around 35-40 tons. I wouldn't want to be putting even more downward pressure on that sucker while floating on a barge. Personal safety aside, hope this guy has good insurance, because an excavator can cost more than $300K.

Zagreb Excavator [Neatorama]

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This is how those bages are moved. Its done all the time during levy/bridge/etc building and repair. You put the shovel on the barge and it "walks" itself along. They dont usually go very far by this method, and it keeps costs down by not havnig to have a tug boat. Also those barges can get into some very shallow draft situations, and a dug would just get stuck. By pushing/pulling on the bottom with the shovel, you can keep pulling yourself if you hit a sand/mud bar, or if you ground yourself you can push off a lot more effectivly than you can with a tug boat since you are actually pushing off of something, instead of a prop just spinning in the water.

They also use the shovel as a crane to position moorings into place, and move other equipment as well.