Witness Ragnarok Tonight on Netflix

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The world hasn't ended yet, contrary to John Hodgman's predictions. But because the coming global superpocalypse hasn't happened, we can all experience Ragnarok. No not that Ragnarök. This one is just a John Hodgman special, streaming exclusively on Netflix as of today.

The hour-long "film" is taken from Hodgman's national book tour promoting his utterly false (and totally fantastic) tome detailing the end-of-days: That Is All. According to Hodgman, you can expect tales of "mayonnaise, hockey instruction, tips on raising sperm whales on your home survival compound" and more.


If there's anyone who knows how to spit blatant flasehoods, it's the Hodg, so check it out. It's no Arrested Development Season 4, but awesome little gets like this are what stand to make Netflix a real powerhouse of cool, but slightly offbeat content. So batten down the hatches and prepare for the end tonight. It'll be a blast. [Netflix via John Hodgman]