Woah, How Did Windows Phone 7 Jump To 25,000 Apps?

It seems like only yesterday that they had about 14 apps—where does time go?! *sniffles* Like Android app downloads, the rate at which apps are being developed is churning faster and faster—good work, devs. [WindowsPhoneAppList via WinRumors via Gadgetsteria via Engadget]


I'd be the first to bash Microsoft for their missteps. I suffered through older iterations of Windows Mobile (owned a Motorola Q for several years) and still have nightmares.

But Windows Phone 7 is looking to be legitimately awesome, even if MS has been a little slow advancing the platform and even if they have a ways to go to get up to Apple's level. Seems like they are kicking it into a higher gear now. I seriously hope they do well. Consumers will benefit.

Hey, the Xbox 360 took the gaming market by storm. Microsoft CAN do it if they form the right team and attitude. Maybe this will really be a great thing.