Even though these Wolverine ESP players are not exactly sleek, they can do just about anything with video and audio, and now this one's packed with 250GB of storage. Except for a bit of a color change, it looks just the same as its predecessor that we reviewed last year, with that same 3.6-inch LCD display that's looking pretty damn good at 320x240. We found the Wolverine ESP to be quite useful, even though we don't really flash it around to impress anybody.


If you like to grab XviD movies (and lots of other formats, too), this baby comes in handy, watching them on its screen or letting you plug it in to your TV and watch them there. It even has a $70 cradle that lets you use it as a digital video recorder. We've also found it to be a handy depot to dump photos onto in the field, plugging in a flash card offloading it right then and there.

The only drawback of the one we have, the 160GB model, is that it needs more storage space. And that's where this latest ESP comes to the rescue, with 250 gigs. The only drawback besides its ugly looks is its price, $650, but even that is not too bad on a price-per-gig scale. [Wolverine]