Wolverine's Youngest 'Daughter' Just Got a Codename That'd Make Her Father Proud

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In an attempt to cash in on the original Wolverine’s popularity without rushing to bring him back from the dead too soon, Marvel’s recently introduced a whole slew of Logan’s “children”—clones created using his DNA. The youngest and most well-adjusted of these clones is a girl named Gabby.

Like most of Logan’s progeny, Gabby is blessed with retractable bone claws and an impressive healing factor, but the Alchemax corporation’s experimentation on her (and her sisters) left her with a greatly reduced lifespan and a total insensitivity to pain. Even though she’s the most innocent and good-natured of her siblings, Gabby’s had no problem adventuring around the world and dismembering the villains who would see her family harmed. But in all this time she’s never had a proper codename.


That changed this week in Tom Taylor, Juann Cabal, and Nolan Woodard’s All-New Wolverine #28, when Gabby’s older brother Daken took it upon himself to give her the perfect nom de guerre.

While being ambushed by a squad of assassins armed with magic bullets capable of mortally wounding them, Laura, Daken, and Gabby are saved by a mysterious X-Men Blackbird that appears to be on autopilot. After realizing there’s nobody piloting the ship, the group is shocked to learn they were actually saved by Danger, the now sentient Danger Room. Stunned, Gabby asks if “Danger” is her middle name, to which Danger responds, that’s her only name. Inspired, Gabby decides it’s high time she had a codename of her own and Daken obliges:


You may remember from Years of Internet Past when the honey badger first took the internet by storm, thanks to footage from a nature documentary showing off just what epically violent creatures they are. They’re small and vicious and kind of cute depending on who you ask, just like Gabby.

Honey Badger is definitely a solid codename for a kid like Gabby, but one’s got to wonder how well it’ll age as she does. Then again, seeing as how her healing factor’s already slowed her aging down significantly, perhaps she’ll hold onto her new moniker for longer than we think.