Women in Iran have posted protest videos of themselves dancing on Instagram, and other protests against the country’s hijab laws have erupted in recent months. The hijab has been mandatory in Iran ever since the revolution in 1979.


As the BBC notes, six Iranian girls were given sentences of a year in prison and 91 lashes after they were convicted in 2014 of positing videos of themselves dancing to the Pharrell Williams song “Happy.”

It’s not clear what sentence Hojabri might face for her dancing videos but she has been reportedly released on bail along with the other three women. According to the Associated Press, Iranian authorities are considering blocking access to Instagram, but no final decision has been made. People in Iran typically get around government blocks of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube by using VPNs.


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Correction: This article originally stated that the hashtag, #مائده_هژیری, translated to “dancing is not a crime.” It is, in fact, her name. Gizmodo regrets the error.