Woman Steals Train, Then Crashes It Into a Building

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Last night in Saltsjöbanan, Sweden, a young woman decided to try her hand at driving a train. It didn't end well: she careered off the end of line and straight into this house.


Swedish newspaper GP reports that the woman, a twenty-something cleaner for the train operator Arriva, was injured in the accident but—amazingly—nobody else was harmed. The wannabe train driver has since been arrested on suspicion of endangering the public.

Bertil Grandinson, who lives on the third floor of the house in the picture, explained: "We woke up at half past two by a terrible bang, it was as if an airplane crashed. I looked out the window and noted then to my great surprise that the train had run into the house. It is terrible and very shocking." Terrible and shocking indeed.

It's currently unclear how the woman managed to start the locomotive: even with a key, being able to drive the train apparently requires training. [GP (Swedish) via AP]

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